he was an electric lineman...she was a chemistry teacher

And together they knew absolutely nothing about running a business....but they loved books, they loved each other, and they loved their 3 kids.

and people loved their bookish candles...

started a candle studio in their home. Forage Candle Company was born and Chad and Lisa spent the next several years selling candles at craft fairs, art cooperatives, galleries, and eventually.....online. The cottage business blossomed into a family side-business, as the couples three children joined the endeavor in their spare time. 

and the years went by

until fate threw them a curve ball they weren't expecting

"I have always been obsessed with books," says Lisa. "As a child, books were my entire world. When I began losing my vision and couldn't read print, it was the absolute most difficult part of my journey. It made me realize that books, and the ability to read them, is one of the single most important privileges anyone can have."